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SESD is inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda & would like to work with government & non-government organizations and civil society at national & international levels to help global community to understand the importance of these goals and motivate them to take action to achieve these goals. This will help us in getting economic prosperity, environmental sustainability & social harmony.  

Volunteer with us to improve your community and socialization. By connecting with us build your skills in environment protection & sustainable development areas.

Volunteer with us to achieve sustainable development goals.

Volunteer Programs

Society for Environment & Sustainable Development is planning a host of programs & activities related to education, research, advocacy & action which will lead in environment protection & sustainable development. Our mission of a better environment, peace,  prosperity & social justice for all will not be successful without the support of volunteers. We at SESD show respect to volunteers because they are helping us,  we encourage communication so that they can be part of the decision making,  our entire team is always approachable and accessible,  we try to keep an atmosphere  where one always feel sense of team & community,  opportunity of  development & training  and outreach.  We are sure that the volunteers will learn a lot from our programs, activities & experiences.

Meet New People

Meet new people & make new friends, share common interests, values & experiences

Get Knowledge

Learn from people who come from different walks of life. Learn social skills, empathy & teamwork

Advance Your Career

This opportunity can be used throughout your career development

Be Happy

This will give you a sense of accomplishment & increase feeling of happiness

Personal Wellbeing

In the volunteering process you ill feel excited, happy & helpful which will positively impact on health


All volunteers will get the certificate which will boost the self image & increase career prospects

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