Step 2: Implement Agenda 2030

Implement Agenda 2030


Once the SDGs and targets are adopted then we have to start its implementation. United Nations suggests a backcasting method for implementation of the SDGs Agenda. It is a strategic planning tool for complex systems with large number of uncertainties, stakeholders, and conflicting interests. 

The basic steps in backcasting includes: 

  • Identify quantitative SDG targets to be achieved by 2030 and work backward from these targets, identify the investments, policies & resources needed to achieve these objectives. 
  • Review the preliminary strategies with stakeholders.  
  • Periodically review and revise planning and policy frameworks.  

Goal Based Partnership 

The importance of global partnerships to achieve the SDGs at the national and international level is emphasized at all places. These partnerships can be international or national  public, private, and with multilateral actors. Effective partnerships are not centrally planned, and they do not require one actor that oversees all activities. The UN suggests that delivering results at the greatest scale requires a high degree of mobilization and organization 

Seven core processes of goal-based partnerships have been identified as follows:

  • Shared goals and targets to take action, mobilize all actors involved in a particular area, develop clear strategies for implementation, and raise the financing and develop the technologies needed to implement them.
  • Advocacy and policy standards to raise awareness of the importance and feasibility of the global goals and mobilize stakeholders.
  • Backcasting and implementation strategies to show how the goals can be achieved through sustained investments and supportive policies.
  • Identify missing technologies and organize public-private partnerships to address them.
  • Finance and technology to mobilize the public and private resources to implement goals.
  • Delivery systems that translate policies, strategies, and financing into outcomes.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation to sharpen the understanding of what works and what not.

Terms & Conditions

The SESD & Global Goals Movement take an advantage of the opportunities presented by United Nations in the form of Global Goals which are being adopted by all the countries of the world. “We must work closely together to achieve these Sustainable Development Goals. “We must work closely together to achieve these Sustainable Development Goals which aims more prosperous and secure future for all while taking care of our environment. In our capacity we contribute towards these goals through education, research, advocacy & action programs which are funded through membership and registration fees. We work on issues like poverty reduction, equality, employment, gender equality, climate change & environment where people can stay healthy and get the food and water, access to clean energy & women and girls get equal rights and equal opportunities.”
All the members and participants should adhere to these terms & conditions. We hope that all the members and participants will support us in our aims and objectives of social inclusion, economic prosperity and environmental sustainability for all.

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