Step 1: Define Objectives & Scope

Define Objectives & Scope

Define Objectives 

SDG road maps can have many objectives. The objective may be to help build consensus on a vision or to develop the details of the road map. The process of developing the road map needs to consider various practical details such as leadership, a steering committee, the scope of the exercise and the experts who are expected to participate in the development of the plan, implementation and review.

Define Scope

The scope of the road map is required to be decided. Is this a sub national, national or global SDG road map or is it for a particular institution?  Is the scope a broad set of SDG goals, or is it focused on a single SDG goal, or sector like agriculture, education, energy, environment, health etc. It is suggested that countries or organisations need to start with what is politically possible, but also strive to expand the range of actions and actors over time. 

Select Goals & Targets  

Because the 17 SDG goals are so broad and cover so many targets tackling them all simultaneously may be very difficult. Therefore, it is important for countries to think carefully on which they will prioritize and which they will tackle later as they build up capacity and experience. Once the specific goals and targets are identified it is essential to know the sources of knowledge and expertise that will be needed to turn those goals into actionable plans. 

Assess Current Situation & Trends 

For developing a successful implementation of SDGs it is necessary to know where a country is now. It is also necessary to assess socio-economic and environmental conditions which are likely to impact the targeted SDGs. It is also necessary to assess the significant challenges in making improvements on the goals. It is also important to try to obtain additional resources from the government, the private sector, NGO, and civil society.  

Capacity Development 

One more important aspect is training or capacity building needs of stakeholders, private sector and civil society for improving knowledge & skills as follows: 

  • Strengthening the capacities of government and other bodies to collect, compile, present and disseminate reliable, timely and quality data; and to use new data source 
  • Strengthening national evaluation capacities and to ensure evaluation outcomes inform national policy making and SDG reporting. 
  • Strengthen communication capacities to engage specific actors and build public awareness on the importance of achieving Agenda 2030.
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