CSD Introduction

Communication for Sustainable Development

Short Term Virtual Certificate Course for Communication Professionals, academicians, students, decision makers & civil society members who want carry forward Agenda 2030 & achieve Sustainable Development Goals


In the time of working towards SDGs the world experienced a devastating coronavirus pandemic which caused unimaginable hardship and brought our way of life to an almost complete halt. This outbreak will have profound and lasting economic and social consequences in every corner of the globe. Technology played a crucial role in fighting the global COVID-19 pandemic and in keeping us connected. And technology will be crucial in restarting society as we slowly return to ‘normal. 

The major question raised by global leaders & public is how can we continue the momentum and use the lessons learned in the crisis to leverage technology for good — especially for accelerating progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? Present lessons will shade light on the communication framework & dimensions in achieving SDGs. 

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