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Society for Environment & Sustainable Development

SESD is a non-government organization registered under Society’s Registration Act XXI of 1860, India. The organization is also enrolled in the NGO Darpan portal offered by the NITI Ayog, Government of India. Organization working for Environment Protection & Sustainable Development located in New Delhi, India. The Society is committed for environment protection & sustainable development. SESD is inspired by UN Sustainable Development Goals Framework which is adopted by countries of the world. We promote SDGs framework and help global community in protecting environment & achieving sustainable development goals through education, research, advocacy, training programs & action.

While we all are taking measures towards this end, sustainability can be best achieved only when there is all round support of the entire community. Our efforts towards this end would be more effective with the support of volunteers, interns, resource persons & partner organizations. Team SESD cordially invites you:

  1. To become Volunteer
  2. To become Intern
  3. To become Resource Person &
  4. As a partner organization in order to help the global community in protecting environment & achieve SDGs through SESD’s programs & activities. 

Become Volunteer

SESD has a robust Volunteers’ program where interested people regardless of their background can apply and register. Volunteers are accepted based on their suitability, availability and location. The only difference between volunteers and interns is that volunteers are from various backgrounds and age groups, whereas, interns are mostly students or professionals with limited experience.

Partner with us

SESD partner with other institutions & organizations for SDGs. This is a multi-stakeholder partnerships facilitating engagement of all stakeholders in support of the implementation of the SDG's.

Become Intern

SESD provides internships to both university students and professionals from all over the world based on their applications. There are also special internship programs that are announced as and when needed because internships are generally need-based and duration specific.

Life Member

SESD runs professional events such as workshops webinars and conferences to raise awareness on SDG's. Life Members will get an opportunity to take part in decision making & program execution.

Resource Person

Join as a resource person & play a key role in implementation of Sustainable Development Goals through education & training for environment & sustainable development.

Make Donations

Your generous donations go towards implementation of our programs & administration. SESD is committed to achieve global goals & committed for high standard of accountability.

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