International Workshop on Sustainability through Simple Steps

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The Agenda 2030 is widely recognized as the most inclusive, transparent and participatory international mobilizing millions of people, resources, organizations, experts, U.N. entities and governments around the world. It’s a 15-year journey toward a sustainable world that puts people and the planet first, and that gives all of us — including those suffering from poverty, injustice, and marginalization — the opportunity to actively participate in reaching our development goals at the local, national, regional and global levels. In 2015, 193 member state countries of the United Nations adopted a new global agenda: the 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development with the goal to elevate the world development and to improve all people’s life. There are several practical ideas and solutions emerging worldwide like to recognize the urgency of the agenda 2030 & build momentum in order to involve everyone & realization of the concept “leaving no one behind”. To identify plans & strategies for successful implementation & monitoring & allocation of funds. Communication of the agenda will help people  “own” the agenda if they are aware of it. Dialogue on the implementation of the agenda,  to discuss how they will participate in the implementation of the SDGs and share best practices is important. Ensure that stakeholders are able to operate freely and effectively in pursuit of the SDGs, by ensuring timely access to clear information & freedom. Governments & stakeholders should demonstrate leadership and willingness to participate fully and actively in agreed global and regional follow-up and review processes. Respect the universal nature of the agenda & achieve all goals together. The speakers will share their experiences on the environment & sustainable development goals on the following points:
  1. How to engage in the process of Agenda 2030 & know more about 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  2. How to educate your friends, colleagues &  families on the global goals.
  3. How global goals are connected with our life & development.
  4. How to devote time & develop your skills to achieve global goals.
  5. How to generate & utilize funds for achieving these goals.
  6. How to inspire billions of people to bring small changes that can help achieve global goals.
  7. Inspiring companies & institutes to take action towards Agenda 2030.
Coordinators:  Dr. Sanjay Marale-9999228028 Mr. Sudhir Verma-9460556505 Dr. Ashwani Kumar -9983196962 Dr Iti Shri Bhati-9829967141 Facilitators:  Dr. Shyam Sunder Jyani International Awardee of  Land for Life, United Nations, 2021 Dr. Vijay Kumar Shah Padma Shri Awardee Registration Fees:  Rs. 200/ Date: 28th July 2021 Time: 5.00pm IST All participants will get a certificate.
Event Schedule for 28 July 2021

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  1. Prabir kumar Das

    I am a life member of SESD
    I want to join the webinar on 28 th July. How much I have to pay.. please help me to register.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for showing your interest, and writing to us.
      You can join the event by purchasing an event ticket. You can get a ticket by clicking on the “Add to cart” button in the “BOOK EVENT” section at the bottom of the details.

      See you on the other side.

  2. Let me join
    My google pay
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    Shanker Pai
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