Systematic Framework for SDGs Implementation & Review

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This online Cerrificate Course is designed for development professionsls, academicians, students and citizens who are interested / working towards environment protection and sustainable development and willing to help global community to achieve Sustainable Development Goals


This is 2-4 week short term certificate course. The participants are required to spend about 10 hours for entire course work completion. corner of the world.

About Course Coordinators

Dr Sanjay Marale, Dr Surendra Kumar Yadav & Dr Vijay Kumar the leading researchers and academicians in the field of environment and sustainable development will conduct the course.

Coursr Objectives

This course aims to develop a framework to understand four basic dimensions of sustainable development agenda viz.,

1. Declaration of Agenda 2030,

2. Sustainable Development Goals & Targets,

3. Implementation &

4. Review &amp; Follow-up. <br>

By understanding the basic framework and four important dimensions associated with this framework learners will get the idea about the various environment &amp; sustainable development issues &amp; required actions to implement the agenda 2030. <br>
The moderators will try to find out the global solutions to the emerging global challenges like poverty, inequality and environment degradation, health etc. &amp; the ways to communicate these global solutions in a faster and effective ways so that action can be taken in each an every


The participants will get inspiration, knowledge & skills required to work towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals bsically understanding four important dimensions of the Agenda 2030 or Global Goals.

After successful completion of this course, participants will be benefited with:

  • Sound understanding of the 2030 Agenda;
  • Knowledge and skills to communicate, advocate, and disseminate ideas and material on SDGs;
  • Develop and disseminate powerful, clear, concise and credible messages and stories;
  • Convey and deliver messages in support of the sustainable development agenda;
  • Enhanced communication skills in traditional and new media.


Once participants completes his/her course successfully then the Certificate will be automatically generated. The Certificate can be downloaded anytime from use dashboard by login with the login credentials.