Communication for Sustainable Development

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After successful completion of this course, participants will be benefited with:

  • Sound understanding of the 2030 Agenda;
  • Knowledge and skills to communicate, advocate, and disseminate ideas and material on SDGs;
  • Develop and disseminate powerful, clear, concise and credible messages and stories;
  • Convey and deliver messages in support of the sustainable development agenda;
  • Enhanced communication skills in traditional and new media.

It is our responsibility to convince our self and our society to successfully achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our ability to communicate a clear, concise and compelling vision of sustainable future is at the heart of successful communication for environment protection and sustainable development.

This 2-3 weeks course equips participants working in the field of environment protection and sustainable development with the knowledge and skills to get the support for the 2030 Agenda. Through professional media, audio-visuals, power point presentations, powerful content, quizzes and virtual interactions with the experts  participants will enhance their ability to successfully mobilize, motivate and inspire their organizations, partners, and society.

This course will help in acquiring effective communication skills to start a dialogue with partners and stakeholders. This will also help participants in understanding their audiences, forge new partnerships, identifying communication modes to reach shared outcomes, and develop a proper communication and advocacy strategy in the context of the 2030 Agenda.

The course will help build confidence, good communication skills and decision making capabilities, critical analysis and commitment to work together for environment protection and sustainable development.  The modules and coaching will enable participants to focus on the specific trends and needs of diverse actors and audiences and address the latest developments in sustainable development goals (SDGS) worldwide.

How come we can find out the global solutions to the emerging global challenges like poverty, inequality and environment degradation. Can we consider these socio-economic and environmental challenges as a global emergencies like COVID 19 pandemic. What global solutions are available to these global problems. Can we scale up these solutions through out the world? How come we can communicate these global solutions in a faster and effective way so that action can be taken in each an every corner of the world. 

This course will discuss and cover following topics:

  • Identifying good practices, innovation, lessons and challenges in environment and sustainable development communication across the world.
  • The strategies for promoting face-to-face and “virtual” peer learning and collaboration.
  • Providing resources, tools and framework for smarter, high impact and faster communication.
  • Sensitizing people about importance of public support and engagement in their SDG strategies, policies and budgets.
  • Public awareness and incorporation of SDGs into communications strategies and education programmes, and to track progress.